Small Business Services

With the introduction of smart phones and portable electronics such as tablets, small business owners today are more connected than ever.  Its challenging to know just how to utilize your devices, and cloud storage to  maximize efficiency and save time.   

Office tasks are skipped because time in the chair is money lost.  Menial yet important tasks like maintaining customer records or documenting conversations are important in developing relationships.  Without client detail, it can be challenging to move forward, relying on memory alone.  These devices are convenient and can be used to quickly enter notes and update details on the go, in the waiting room, elevator or in the car.  

What challenges your business process right now?  Are you retaining your current customers while developing new relationships?  Are you able to reach out to them efficiently from time to time, reminding them that you care about them and are available?  

Is it challenging to quickly access a customers profile, have account detail and history at your fingertips to pick up a conversation from 6 months ago, or quickly email an invoice or notice?

Are you a service based business that misses prime contact time frames during your business cycle?  Would an email or a postcard reminder of a timed maintenance or service be just the gentle nudge your customers need to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.

Lets talk about your specific challenges and see if we can define and deploy the right solutions that takes these processes from no go to no problem!

General Office Support
Digital Archives  -  Design, setup, scan, store documents
Cloud service  - Integrate Office365 or Google docs, create file shares & set up sync tools across desktops and mobile devices for anywhere access.
Cloud storage - setup, share lists, merge documents
Installation - Scanners & printers, apps
One on One - Specialized user / process training 
Application Services
Microsoft Office365 - Deploy / migrate to..
Email - Support / migrations
Support and training - general application
Domains - Registration, support, configurations
Website - Design and support, refer to the list of advertising and marketing services.
Virtual Office Services
Google Docs / Office365 - Setups, maintenance
Data Services - manage mailing lists, mailing services, assistance and support.
Data Processing Services - Merging, cleaning, generating documents, billing, almost anything.
Business Apps - let's talk about your needs
Data Related Services
Data Migration -  moving data from/to systems
Data Cleaning - merge and deduplicate records
Archival Systems - stage  archive data for access / reference
Integrations - connecting systems to share data instead of recreating the same data over and over.
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