Advertising & Marketing

With over 20 years in the publishing industry, one can't help but learn the fundamentals of advertising and marketing. Understanding the process is critical to matching the right technology and software to get results.

Ad sales are often the main source of revenues, however publishers are seeking new sources. In the digital realm, add-on marketing services are often developed; web advertising, social media promotions, tablet and mobile products, and content based advertising.

My services are focused on practical application of process and technology around the advertising and marketing processes. Clients can expect creativity expressed in clean, smart, easy to read website pages or ad / marketing materials.

Advertising/Marketing Services
Advertising - print mailers and online advertising. Defining target markets and finding smart advertising options. Neighborhood mailers using EDDM.
Social Media - presence, pages, promotions, advertising options.
Website Design - clean, smart designs. Static pages or content sites (cms, blogs).
Email Marketing - Set up services, import email lists, training and support
List Management - Setup, develop or manage your company lists, and opt outs.
Can/Spam Act - Permissive email marketing and opt-out requirements. (FTC guidelines)
List Data Services
Address List Services - Correction / Verification services through USPS
Data Systems - custom applications developed to manage your unique data needs.
Forms/Surveys - creating forms for data collection needs.
Data Migration - moving data from/to systems
Data Cleaning - merge and remove duplicate records
Email List Service - Email verification services, clean, accurate lists keep bounce rates down and mailing service providers happy.
Newsletters - Page layout services with client supplied content.
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