On December 5th, 2017

I want to do some online advertising

In the beginning, where to begin?  Let’s start with what is being sold. Products, services, are you local only, inside a radius, national, global?  There are several digital advertising platforms these days.

Both the local paper and social media are good places to start. Advertising can be inexpensive and with social media, some decent audience targeting can be applied.  I use a FaceBook Business Page with regular ads and  boosted posts to introduce myself to local business owners. While the main intent of my article posts (yes, you can call them blog posts too) are to share my knowledge and skill sets, I also hope that through reading my articles, local business owners are able to relate to my posts and my perspective on services I provide.  Providing them some initial level of confidence in my ability to assist them in their business needs, that makes them comfortable contacting me when they need some extra hands to assist them.

There are as many advertising choices at the national and global level.  There is something to meet every budget. From purchasing ad words to drive traffic to your site, to online advertising options through popular mass media ad outlets.  Even more still, high volume target marketing via global online advertising platforms that place your ads in several markets across the nation or the globe.

Understanding the different advertising media distribution channels and how they generate and charge for their services can be tricky.

I’m a local business serving the local community, so keeping it local is a good place so start. Targeted Facebook ads and boosted posts, newspaper and local media website banner ads are all good ways to introduce myself.

FaceBook Live video streams have seen a recent trend of interest to many as well.    There are a few good applications that have been developed that manage your social media presence.  once set up with account login details for each, will cross post and share items between your social media accounts.

And even if you don’t have an advertising budget, there are still a few free sites like Craigslist and PennWoods.Net that provide some free advertising options too.

Even though we sift through piles of spam, Email marketing can still work when set up properly.  You can read more about email marketing here.

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