On December 5th, 2017

I want to promote my brand on social media and sell stuff online

Social media platforms are plentiful.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, and Linked In are among the leaders.   There are several more to consider however, depending in what you’re marketing.

Many start with having an account and posting regularly.  If you’re using Facebook, you can create a Business Page specific for your business, while other platforms, like Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy are all great ways to sell products.  Its takes persistence and dedication along with a good guerrilla marketing plan to turn posts into $$.

Using great descriptive keywords in your posts are a great way to be included in search results.  Snapping of pic of your newest inventory item that is visually obvious to identity but has a bad or no caption, ie:  “These are brand new to our store” doesn’t offer much for the search feature to work with.

So, be descriptive.  “New Inventory! 40 hr handcrafted wax candles in 6 great scents, Vanilla, mocha, rainy forest, mango, earthy morning, and Breezy Afternoon”  That gives search index process several words to index for searches.

Unless you have a firm understanding of the various social platforms, stick with those you do know.  Start out small, target media platforms that lend itself the types of clients you want to attract.  Explore the less familiar platforms.  Reach out people posting their products and services, see if they can offer you sage advice on the platform.

Sometimes branding can be secondary to selling the product itself.  A modest site with some eCommerce can be bit costly where as an eBay post or store, yahoo storefront even amazon can offer you almost immediate presence and you pay a service fee for items sold.

In the absence of hiring a pro, sit down with some colleagues and friends and have brainstorming session with them.  Ask them questions about their online shopping habits.  Where do the ideas or impulses to buy come from?  Do they see items on FaceBook or Instagram and purchase from those?  Do they shop on eBay or amazon?  Do they have a WATCHED list on eBay, or a “wish list” on Amazon?

Service providers, where do you seek or gain new clients?  Word of mouth is likely the most common, secondly, platforms like Facebook can drop you your ad into a 10 mile radius of your business address.

Its important not to overlook traditional media either, Print, Radio and TV.  Most all of them are offering a combo ad schedule with the primary product and secondary online ad presence on their site, etc..

Social media can be an inexpensive way to begin to test market waters.   For some, it will be the only place they will need to advertise.  For many others, it will be a mix of traditional and digital marketing environments.

You can can read more about online advertising options here.



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