On December 5th, 2017

I need better search engine results

Search engine technology is forever combating fraudulent indexing.  Since the acceptance of online advertising, and its revenue, impression and click thru payments, less than respectable website owners have pulled every trick on the book in an effort to make you click on a link that would load a page with 50 ads on it.  Over time, those impressions add up.

As search technology matured, the deceptive practices had to find new ways to generate click interest.  CLICK BAIT Advertising began.  These types of ad sites often place small, inexpensive ads on Facebook with lead in lines like “You won’t believe what they found when they opened….” or “Horrific discovery found in this popular fast food chains…..”    Interest is piqued, users click and then you are hand fed a sentence at a time, and are required to hit the NEXT button across 10-50 pages.  When you step back and look at each page, its loaded with 5-10-20-50 ads per page… Its all designed to generate revenue with a little help from people who can’t resist temptation.

Search technologies are challenging, dynamic and is an ever changing environment in which to manage.

Long gone are the days where you could submit your business to search engines and enter Keywords in  meta tags and reasonably expect decent search results.  You could once search for the White House and end up at a porn site.  It’s been a cat and mouse chase since.

Today, its a fairly complex verification process at the indexing/SEO level and quality search ranking has as much to do about cash as it does a properly optimized website.

There are some remnants of the old submission service in a few places. Google will verify your business and you can submit a business listing to yahoo but neither free service ranks your site for little more than a business name, city match nor does it rank you above the whole plethora of “paid for” ad word word type submissions that the big guys with serious cash get priority over.

Website SEO (search engine optimization),  is now a very complex rating system based on pages, external links, internal links, word counts, etc..  They look at keywords a matching process with page content words.  If  the words “Handcrafted” and “candles” are also repeated frequently across many pages of your site, your site will be indexed with those words.

Common keywords like “handcrafted candles” are also ad words company can purchase.  When they do, their websites are ranked before your, their paid “AD” appears at the top even when city/state are added to the search.  IE:  “handcrafted candles in Altoona PA”

As with any business model that is maturing, internet search systems are all about maximizing revenues by adding specialty services to the mix like purchasing ad keywords, guaranteeing those companies a higher ranking than ones who don’t pay.  You either pay to play buying ad words or you may need to create lots of content at your site, using the keywords you want indexed by, frequently on every page of the site.  Updates and visitor interest are also newer items being tracked.

There are search submission services like Yelp who will charge companies $500 a yr to submit validated details about your business across several search technologies. The service assists in ranking your business higher in the search results in “local business” searches. the keyword here is local searches… (Near me).

It is an inexpensive advertising model for certain types of local businesses, but it may be money well spent advertising in other places, like social media.

You can can read more about brand advertising on social media here.

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