Our own In-House CRM

Building a custom application tailored to meet your business needs may not be as unrealistic as you think.   Wouldn’t it be nice to access your custom app from an iPhone, iPad, or your android device, tablet or desktop mac or pc? The Filemaker platform makes it possible for you to share data across teams, offices and businesses.

Well defined and developed applications provide specific functionality built around your business process and is designed to save both time and money.

Development costs are easily offset with enhanced business workflow that brings a new level of automation and efficiency. Business managers should be able to readily calculate savings; in time or man hours and translate that into dollars.

We’ve been building our own customer relationship management system (CRM) as time permits. Below are some screenshots of from our beta CRM application. We’re calling it “Glide CRM“.

With less than two weeks of development time, Its already the core application managing Mountain City Services client base. It stores our accounts, contacts, specific account details, client interactions, communications, and staging followups. It makes short work of research, prospecting, providing data accuracy, and delivering efficient client communications, quotes (Opps) and billing.

On the left, there is “Service Match” section that aids us in targeting the types of services that our client may need.  Logic will be developed around these ratings, provided  communication automation.


Glide CRM Main User Interface

Glide CRM User Interface – Click to Enlarge

Glide CRM Task Entry

Glide CRM Task Entry  – Click to Enlarge

Glide CRM Task history

Glide CRM Task history – Click to Enlarge

Glide CRM Address Mapping Tool

Glide CRM Address Map Tool  – Click to Enlarge

Glide CRM Research Web Links

Glide CRM Research Links  – Click to Enlarge

Glide CRM Zip-4 lookup tool

Glide CRM Zip-4 lookup tool  – Click to Enlarge

Other features not shown are:

Slated future development will add functionality on main set of buttons at the top: Opportunities, Events, Tasks, develop various Reports and Dashboards showcasing account details, completeness, account activity, opportunities and sales information.

We’ll also add user tracking — the last 10 or so items accessed so users can quickly jump about and return to recent places.

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